Saturday, January 12, 2008

Amazing Grace - Not to Be Missed

If they're old enough to understand the story, which is about the struggle to end the slave trade in the British empire, I highly recommend that you watch this movie with your children. It is involving, entertaining, inspiring, informative, carefully produced, historically faithful, thought provoking, well made, and well acted. It's also very prolife, prochristian, and profamily. A rare gem.

Our family (ages 9 to 55) saw Amazing Grace at a movie theater when it was released. All of us liked it, and all of us, I think, are better for it. This is now on my very short list of films that I try to make sure is seen by every young person in my life, along with A Man for All Seasons, Chariots of Fire, and The Miracle Maker.


Leticia said...

Good for you! I was ashamed when I found out what an outstanding man William Wilberforce was, and his profound influence on the anti-slavery movement here, and that I don't remember learning about him in school.
Thank God we have such a wonderful film to use as a teaching tool.

Vincent DiCarlo said...

My whole family just watched this excellent movie again, some of them more than once, on a DVD we got from Netflix. My oldest son invited a friend to see it with him. It's rare they are this interested in something like this.